Q: How tall are you?
A: I am able to compress myself down to 7'5", but 12'0" is a far more comfortable height.
Q: Are you in a relationship?
A: Yes. I am currently in a polyamorous relationship with my wives Kalmly and Albani.
Q: How long have you been streaming?
A: I only started streaming as Gaz on Halloween 2021, but I have been streaming since 2011.
Q: What inspired you to be a Vtuber?
A: I actually knew about it for a while but at the time, most vtubers were cute and high pitched, while I am a deep and sultry woman. If not for Nighe encouraging me and showing me other vtubers who broke the mold, I might have been discouraged.
Q: Why do you stream?
A: I wanted to share my message of self-love to as many people as I can. As long as you aren't doing anything that hurts anyone in any way, then why be ashamed?
Q: Why did you choose to be a spider?
A: When I was little, I used to catch spiders and watch as they skittered around, help them to their webs, or just watch them meticulously build those large, elaborate webs of theirs.
Q: What type of spider are you based on?
A:The spiny orb weaver, specifically the one with the white abdomen and red spikes, they were the ones I loved the most.
Q: Do you accept fanart?
A: Yes. I am also open to self-inserts. If you ever are curious if I am okay with it, you can ask me on discord.
Q: Will you sit on my face?
A: Yes, but it will cost you.